The Science Behind PhenQ: How It Burns Fat and Curbs Appetite

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There is no easy way of shedding pounds and for some, it can take months. PhenQ is a weight loss supplement that claims to give that extra boost to your weight-reducing efforts by breaking the workout plateau. It is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Ltd., a UK-based company that has a solid reputation in the wellness supplements market. The supplement is placed in the premium category of fat burners because of its science-backed, naturally occurring ingredients that are widely recognized for promoting weight loss.

We evaluated PhenQ on various crucial parameters like the ingredients used, the science behind these ingredients, efficacy, cost, price point, etc., for you to understand if it is actually worth the hype. Let’s find out more from this PhenQ review:

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ Review: Results, Benefits, Side Effects - Does it Work ?PhenQ is a dietary supplement aimed at cutting down fat from the body. The product markets itself as having ‘5 individual fat-burning ingredients in one formulation’. This means when all of the components work together through one product, they become tremendously powerful and result-driven. PhenQ claims to deliver a 5X better weight loss outcome, and its efficacy is advocated by the thousands of positive customer reviews.

The main purpose of PhenQ is to lose fat by crushing food cravings, increasing the metabolism for better digestion, and breaking down the accumulated fat into energy for smoother body functioning. In addition to that, it also stops the production and accumulation of fat in the body. Aside from all these, this fat burner also enhances the mood so you feel energized and motivated to hit your daily workout goals. All-in-all, the idea behind PhenQ is to make your weight loss journey faster and easier.

How Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ is very direct about its composition, which includes some of the powerful, thermogenic ingredients. These are not only known for years for promoting and accelerating the weight loss process but also have solid scientific research and experiments to back them up. Clearly, the credit behind PhenQ’s potential goes down to its composition, which we will break down in a bit.

The supplement is the result of a combination of hunger suppressants, fat-burning components, and mood enhancers which makes it a highly effective and legit product. These ingredients are also non-addictive which means you can use them safely without worry and discontinue easily once you have achieved the results.

The good thing about PhenQ is that it not only breaks down the existing fat cells by increasing the metabolic rate but also inhibits the further accumulation of fat. This helps in slimming down the body faster. The formula functions 24X7 in the body, even when you are in an inactive state.

Benefits Of PhenQ Explained

PhenQ is formulated in such a way that it works on the body on different aspects that are responsible for weight gain. Below are the various benefits that the supplement offers, which leads to trimming down your waistline:

  • Reduces food craving
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Increases energy naturally
  • Accelerates fat burning
  • Blocks extra fat accumulation

Who Should Use PhenQ?

If you are struggling to lose weight at the gym or have tried out various ways to cut down that stubborn fat, then you can use PhenQ weight management pills to assist in your weight loss journey. PhenQ helps accelerate the process with its powerful ingredients by boosting energy, controlling your food cravings, and dissolving fat by improving the digestive system.

PhenQ is also useful to those who are suffering from eating disorders. It reduces the appetite by lowering sugar cravings. Both sugar and carbohydrate intake can trigger weight gain by increasing fat accumulation in the body. PhenQ suppresses those cravings allowing you to stay away from weight-gaining food.

It is important to note that this fat burner is for people above 18 years of age. PhenQ is ideal for those who continue with a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and regular exercise in addition to taking these supplements.

Ingredients Used In PhenQ

Here is an insight into the role of the various ingredients of PhenQ in the weight loss process:

-Lacys Reset

ɑ-Lacys Reset is the company’s trademark ingredient and also one of the most powerful ones among PhenQ’s other components. It is a blend of alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), magnesium, and l-cysteine which is known to increase fat-burning efforts by improving metabolism, faster muscle recovery, improving cognitive function, and mood.


Each PhenQ pill has 100 mg of caffeine anhydrous in it. When it comes to weight loss, caffeine is often one of the most commonly heard names because of its powerful stimulating property.

Caffeine works in multiple different ways in the weight management process. For example, it increases the energy level in the body through thermogenesis which in turn boosts the metabolic process. Better metabolism leads to the breakdown of fat cells rapidly. It also slows down the absorption of extra fat in the body by reducing hunger which prevents weight gain.

Aside from that, caffeine intake helps reduce stress and can directly or indirectly enhance mood.

Calcium Carbonate

While calcium carbonate is mainly known for promoting bone health, it also plays a major role in weight management. Good calcium intake maintains thermogenesis in the body which in turn increases the fat-burning process.

Capsimax Powder

Yet another unique ingredient in PhenQ is the capsimax powder which is packed with some active fat-dissolving components like capsaicinoid, piperine, vitamin B3(niacin), and caffeine.

Both capsaicinoid and piperine found in capsicum and black pepper respectively are known to produce heat in the body by tapping the thermogenic areas. This increases the metabolic process and dissolves the fat cells faster. Piperine also blocks the fat-causing cells thus preventing the accumulation of any additional fat in the body.

Vitamin B3 in the form of Niacin in Capsimax powder increases the amount of adiponectin in the body. Adiponectin is a protein that regulates metabolism, reduces cellular inflammation, and breaks down fat cells. A boost in this component assists in overall weight control.

Nopal Cactus

This is a fiber-rich ingredient that lowers sugar and carbohydrate cravings while improving digestive function. Nopal is a powerhouse of numerous essential vitamins and minerals like A, B, and C, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and numerous different amino acids. While it enhances the fat-burning process, the presence of nopal in PhenQ supplement also makes you feel fuller with less food intake which will help in slimming down.

Chromium Picolinate

Known for regulating the sugar levels in the blood, chromium picolinate is useful in combating slow metabolism issues. It also acts as an appetite suppressor which keeps your mind off food. Another major role of this ingredient is to ensure the proper functioning of insulin in the body. This ingredient breaks down carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients into simpler forms for better metabolism.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

It is a derivative of amino acids and is found in leafy vegetables. This compound helps in accelerating the metabolic process by breaking down the fat cells into energy. It thus helps fight fatigue and keeps you active throughout the day even when you are eating less.

PhenQ Potential Side Effects

PhenQ claims that there are no side effects with this supplement as it is made with naturally occurring ingredients that are supported by various clinical research and trials. A few user reviews online did state that they experienced nausea, difficulty sleeping, and headache but that can occur in rare cases even when your body is trying to adjust to a new supplement.

That said, PhenQ has caffeine content like most other fat-burning supplements. Caffeine is a stimulant and helps in the fat-burning process. However, high doses of caffeine content in the supplement are not quite suitable for sensitive individuals. In most users, PhenQ has not caused any major issues which means it can be safely taken.

How To Take PhenQ?

PhenQ comes in the form of capsules that can be easily consumed. As per the manufacturer’s recommendation, the recommended dose is two capsules a day – one in the morning with breakfast and one capsule with lunch.

There are a couple of things to make a note of. First, never exceed the recommended dose of two pills a day. Second, caffeine is one of the major ingredients in PhenQ which boosts energy. Therefore, they suggest not to take it after 3 pm as it might affect your sleep routine.

In case you are sensitive to excess caffeine, then it is best to cut down on your coffee or other forms of energy drinks containing this ingredient, when taking PhenQ weight loss supplement.

PhenQ Price Details

PhenQ is sold at a price of $69.99 per bottle consisting of 30 capsules which is a 2-week supply because you are required to take two pills a day. Bulk purchases of two or more bottles come with more savings and offers. Aside from that, you can enjoy free delivery worldwide on any purchases, and it is backed by a 60-day cash-back guarantee. PhenQ has warehouses in the UK and US for expedited shipping.

PhenQ Reviews From Real Users

PhenQ has garnered many favourable and positive reviews from its customers. On the website, you will find many testimonials and reviews with the before and after pictures that support the effectiveness of this product. Here are some of the positive reviews from customers who have used PhenQ and succeeded in their weight loss journey:

“I lost 11 lbs in 1 month thanks to PhenQ! Overall I feel more confident, I can see my wife proud of my change and I have so much more energy to be effective all day at work and still have energy to play with my son at night.”

– Ghislain R.

“ I bought a box of PhenQ and used it for just over a month. My objectives were simple: lose belly fat and love handles, get a bit more of strength and be in the best shape possible! Combined with a diet change and some exercise, so far I lost 9 lbs in 1 month with the help of PhenQ!

– Axelle W.

“After giving birth twice I had some weight that I couldn’t get rid of on my own.
With the help of PhenQ I gave up on junk food and started eating healthier overall. I saw results after just a week and lost a total of 20 lbs in 3 months! My advice to others is simple. Don’t try fad diets. I have done that with no result. Give PhenQ a try and you will love it. It’s amazing and I am going to continue to use it when I fully reach my goals.”

– April


PhenQ is a weight loss supplement that can help you restore your faith when you are doing everything right but seeing negligible results in losing body fat. The supplement gives a boost to the fat-burning process by targeting some of the most crucial points that are important in slimming down your body. It increases metabolism, breaks down the existing fat, prevents the accumulation of any additional fat, and suppresses food cravings.

Aside from that, by enhancing the mood and raising your self-esteem, it also helps you to hit your workout goals on a daily basis which is important in achieving the waistline you are targeting. However, you can count on PhenQ to shed those extra pounds if you follow a proper diet, healthy sleep, and maintain a consistent exercise routine alongside the weight loss supplementation.

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